Video Cut-Scenes, could we get to use OGV-files?

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Video Cut-Scenes, could we get to use OGV-files?

Post by Grok » Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:47 pm

I have been experimenting a bit with adding avi-files as cut-scenes.

One through a CutScene entity and one through a LevelChanger.

It seems like sound needs to be 16-bit. Video I'm not quite sure about the limitations, but it stops running at 2 GB, which I believe is an limitation for older avi:s. Still I can get them to run even if I need to experiment a bit more to find the best working solution. The once I've got to work this far seems unnecessarily large.

The one run through the CutScene entity works fine. The one using the LevelChanger is seriously out of sync between sound and video. It is not the file that is at fault. It runs fine with the CutScene entity.

It seems like the AVI-functionality could benefit from updating, but what I really would want is to be able to use OGV-files.

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